We offer a range of services

ILDS engages in candidate recruitment for the following categories: ALTs for Japan, Nurses for North America and Seafarers. For all categories we offer the following services:

Marketing and Advertising

We handle all the marketing and advertisement in all local media outlets for your position to maximize on the applications for the position.

Screening and Hiring

We will screen all the candidates based on your specifications then present the best to you for a final hiring decision. After the hire, we will take care of all the contractual paperwork.

Transition Assistance

ILDS has experience working with a number of embassies; this will facilitate quick processing of work permits. We also take care of travel arrangements for the candidates through our in house travel agency and assist our clients with lodging expectations for their new hires.

Candidate Monitoring

All Jamaicans that are employed by a foreign entity must be tracked and monitored by law. This prevents human trafficking and ILDS will be responsible for keeping these records in a safe secure location.

Active Candidate Database

ILDS possesses an active database which have candidates that are ready to be employed for short term as well as long term positions.

Language Training and Cultural Sensitization

ILDS conducts job coaching services to sensitize Jamaicans to the cultural differences they will face with international employment as well as offer language training facilities to equip Jamaicans to be able to navigate everyday life while on assignment in a foreign country.